The great outdoors is our classroom

A tasting room is a place to sip and swirl, meet new people and make new friends, but there is no reason it has to be a room.  Imagine walking among the vines, feeling the crunch of soil beneath your feet with the warm sun on your face and the soft spirals of tendrils at your fingertips.

As you walk the rows, you can learn about vine spacing, trellising, pruning and other things that effect vigor, yield and quality.  You can also savor your wine and enjoy the moment.  

When it rains, you will visit the caves where our wines are resting.  Nothing illuminates the winegrower’s art more than a cave tour.  The barrels are carefully laid out and labeled with every varietal from every block and every component of every blend.  It will be a memorable experience.


Outdoor Tasting


60-75 Minutes

By appointment only

Join us for a seated tasting while soaking up views of the Italics Estate.  This experience will introduce you to the concept of precision viticulture, small lot winegrowing, and our focused approach to expressing the nuance of our 73-acre estate. Taste through our current flight accompanied by a cheese and charcuterie bite.  

$75 per person

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VIP Cave Tour & Tasting with Charcuterie


75-90 Minutes

By appointment only

Enjoy a behind the scenes tour of our 16,000 sq. ft. cave complex while learning about our unique approach to precision viticulture and winemaking.  Enjoy current release and library wines accompanied with charcuterie.  This experience is private and designed for those interested in securing our allocated offerings.

$100 per person 
Please contact our concierge for additional booking options and availability

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Virtual Tasting

By appointment only

Enjoy our current release while tasting wines at home. The wines featured in this kit are offered with a corkscrew, tasting menu, pens and order forms and are designed for up to ten guests. A member of our team will contact you once your order has been placed to schedule your virtual tasting with one of our wine educators. This is a great way to sample our wines from the comfort of your home.

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